"Galina - Dimitar 2 Ltd. " , since 1999 is manufacturing refrigerated display cases for grocery, meat, sausages and milk products, confectionary display cases, hot display cases for nuts, work counters. Since the beginning we had industrial example, registered in the Patent Depart. We use compressors Danfoss, Cubigel - Spain, Aspera - Embraco - Italy, and with complete condensing units. The displaying cases are with curved tempered glasses. The wallside displaying cases are with blowing and descending blind for the night, with remote condensing unit. Confectionary displaying cases are without blowing, on natural circulation of the cold air, with upper evaporator and illumination, with sliding back doors. We also produce cash module for cash zone with non-moving bar, promo basket made of wire for promotional zone on 3 levels.

By far we've equipped grocery stores, supermarkets, meat stores, stores for industrial goods. The displaying cases are extremely easy and convinient to use, also very reliable. Our clients are chain meat stores "Siana" - Plovdiv, grocery supermarket "Angel Sarandiev" - Svilengrad, "Venianina" - Sofia, "Bulgarproduct MTD" - Plovdiv, "Papisto" - Burgas, "Hobbyland" - Plovdiv, grocery stores in Shumen, "SBA" - Shumen, "Proshop" - Plovdiv, "Amperel" - Sofia, "Elit P" - Plovdiv, "Borche", "Vkusna Yadka" - Sofia, "Roko" - Blagoevgrad, "Siavit" - Rakovski, "Nina-Slavko Zaikov" - Rakovski, "IVTONI" - Ihtiman, "IVENTAS Ltd." - Sofia, "Triada Market and Distribution AD" , "KOMSED AD", "EM STUDIO ADVERTISING AND CREATIVE Ltd.", "VELIKOV & CO. Ltd" and many more grocery stores in Bulgaria, as well in Greece, Belgium and Germany.

The displaying cases we produce are accordant to European quality standarts and NASSR.